At Work again

Today is day two of work. Work. Work.

 What is that, you say? Work? Why would I do such a foolish thing like that, when I had the cushy life, sitting around, eating bon bons, sleeping in, and “writing” all day?

 Well, it’s a weird thing, but productivity, it seems, begets itself. At least in my case.

If you are looking for me, I am in Westport, Connecticut, in a little office, scrubbing my brain like freshly dug carrots for training ideas, for event plans, for new ways of saying “local, sustainable food resources.”

The name of the organization, by the way, is Wholesome Wave. Oh, and don’t bother looking for a website. That’s on my to-do list, and for heaven’s sake, it’s only day two!

By the way, our restaurant, Dressing Room, has its own butcher. His name in Mikey! How cool is that?

 Got to go… the commute is calling.

Elizabeth Howard

Elizabeth writes literary non-fiction, haiku, cultural rants, and Demand Poetry in order to forward the cause of beautiful writing. She calls London, Kansas City, and Iowa home. 


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  1. Michele and Mike
    June 23, 2007 at 9:54 am

    Your new job sounds fab. Can’t wait to see the new website for it.

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