We All Deserve a Little Reset Button Now and Then

Cartoon about ResetYesterday I was writing a FANTASTICALLY brilliant post.

My friend Jen posted the status “evolve” on Facebook and it really got me thinking.

I was tapping away on WordPress’s QuickPress window, when I got interrupted by a chat from my nephew.

We chatted about nothing. Cake and pizza.

Then another chat popped up from Helen. We arranged a play date.

Then I heard someone pounding away on the front door.


I left my chats and answered the door. A Native American kid from South Dakota used him charm to convince me to buy Atlantic Monthly.

Meanwhile, back at WordPress, there lay my mostly-completed blog post, a life revelation waiting to change the world.

I wrapped up my chats and waved my finger over the touch pad to finish the post.

I tapped, oops! and …

Poof. An empty window filled my vision.


He replied with his patented, Zen-like shrug.

We didn’t pursue it. After all, we were busy melting on the front stoop. 91 degrees at 9 p.m.

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  1. July 14, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    There is absolutely noting worse then a vanishing blog. It’s over, can’t recreate it. She’s dead – the magic is over.

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