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What did you like best about 2012?

Hey, before we kick 2012 to the curb and rush headlong into our resolutions, I’m just wondering: What did you like BEST about 2012? You can reply in the comments, or on Facebook. But I’d really like you to write out a response. Why? Because when we write things down, it makes them more true,…

Goll DANG it!

So, I am trying to figure out what is going on with my writing at the moment and I do have alot to say but no focus whatsoever. And it’s frustrating as hell. I’ve been writing poetry, over on my home page site. Please do feel free to enjoy them. But it’s just THIS. THIS.…

My Friend, with Existential Chickens

I have a super great old friend from college, Jen. She’s a writer (here’s her book) and a journalist. And a mom. She lives in Des Moines and recently she acquired chickens. She and her husband and her kids have chickens in their backyard.  Do you ever look at your friends, when they do something…

Why the Details Matter

I set the table with Clean, cut glasses, Christmas crackers Flatware. Before breakfast All the flat edges glimmer In anticipation. Do you ever wonder: What the hell is the point of Elizabeth’s blog? It’s this: details. It’s a place to read In The Details, as a way to understand ourselves, each other, the world. “Letters from…

Real or Real-ish

In which I tried to explain to the kids that our little “artificial” tree is actually “real.” Existentialism 101 Me: We are putting up our tree this afternoon. Kid 1: Is it a real tree? Me: Well, yes, it is a real tree. A real tree in that it isn’t imaginary. Kid 1: No, I…

An Alternative Christmas

Guest Post by Writer-Runner-Teacher Tricia Dowcett Whenever my mother asks me what we would like for Christmas, I always reply that I would prefer to do rather than to have.  A show, a day in Boston, a trip to a museum.  She will usually frown and insist that at Christmas, the kids should be able to…

Between Here & Handmade

I want things handmade. I want a life devoid of BPA-worries. I want the holidays decorated in popcorn strings and toes of knee-high socks filled with sticky penny candy and tiny oranges. I want to have the hot cocoa, but not the packaging the dried chocolate-flavored granules come in. I want to make the gift…

Smashing November

What is the rush, Rima asks? What is the haste to make waste of Autumn? — Part of “If Only in My Dreams,” the December Series of The Big Question. You May Also Like:No Related Posts

If Only in My Dreams: A Big Question Series

December is the month of dreams, of nostalgia, of memories, expectations, hopes and disappointments. We were all little children once… dreaming our dreams of light and mystery, wide awake under our covers. It doesn’t matter whether those covers were cotton or silk. We are still those children. Some of us still imagine the twinkling light…

Vacationland: Switch off and Tune In

I need a vacation. Let’s all insert here for a minute the list of blessings I have. Nice house Good family Everything I need and want (food, clothing, shelter) Friends Education Human Rights Time to meditate and do yoga Lots of good books, and a library card too. Many more OK, even in the face…

I’m Not Ready

Today’s post is part of the BIG QUESTION series for September.  — I’ve been writing this blog for a long time. And I am not ready to admit what I am doing is not working. I want something from this relationship and it is just not working. We all want to hang on to things…

We could eat. Or we could not eat.

The following podcast is a guest contribution, part of the September “BIG QUESTION” series, asking “What does America Want?”

Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita expand the discussion of "What Does America Want?"

Americans are also human. Theoretically.

So expanding the question “What does America want?” today are writers and Pureland Buddhists Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita, who were kind enough to dedicate their weekly Tuesday podcast to the question: “What does humanity want?”

Please enjoy the podcast, here or at their lovely blog, which is simulcasting today. And comment on.

For those writers in the world, you might also enjoy their wonderful writing community, “Writing our Way Home.” I know I do.

Thanks Fiona and Kaspa!


Fiona Robyn has always been passionate about words. She has published three novels, and other books including A Year of Questions: How to slow down and fall in love with life. She will be getting back to her work-in-progress very soon! She feels privileged to be working as a creativity coach and a therapist in private practice, and loves running the e-courses. Follow her on Twitter:@fiona_robyn.


Fiona Robyn

Kaspalita is a Buddhist Priest in the Pureland Tradition. His undergraduate degree is in Drama, and he is currently studying Buddhist Psychotherapy with the Amida Trust. He blogs at Malvern Sangha site and runs the e-course Eastern Therapeutic Writing and The Art of Paying Attention, and co-edited the book pay attention: a river of stones. Follow him on Twitter: @kaspalita.

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What does America Want?

Watching Britain riot — in the face of our own economic meltdown — has got me thinking about a core question: What do Americans want? What do we really desire? What is this nation pining for? Our land of plenty is in an interesting place of less right now… both economically and maybe even spiritually. So……