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In which meditation and yoga swing by to stop all the racket.

We Interrupt this Life for a Meltdown

Have you ever been puttering along a normal sort of way, and then suddenly, without warning, found yourself in a big wet, messy heap? Once when I lived in London, I drank a bit too much at the after-hours while working at the pub. I was walking back home around 2 a.m. and one minute…

Savor All Things Gold

a Guest Post by A-Lotus French fries—the crispy deep gold covered with a lightly scattered dusting of salt. Their warmth as they spill out of the box—all dipped in a Rorschach pool of ketchup. Waffle shaped, tightly curled and sprinkled with a bit of pepper. Or just like pocky sticks—straight and tall with a soft crunch…

What an Orchid Eats

The orchid and its splitting leaves Sat drying out on the Tank of our toilet for a Year, uncomplaining about The noise, and the sheetrock dust, but, Most of all, The proximity to the Water it desired but could not Taste. Me and the orchid eyed Each other every damn day. Well, that is, what…

If I Were Not Awake

If I were not awake before my alarm, I would have missed this delicate lavender sunrise, which isn’t all that different than any other perfect sunrise I’ve seen in the past, except that today it reminded me that being awake is the point, after all.

Anger Comes

Anger comes Nettle Under sock cuff. Minutes and hours Chopped in Food processor like Helpless almonds. Until I find My way cool again.

Fine Tooth Comb

Blue plastic comb Rosemary Spray Bother the louse And its tedium. Glass-half full? Long sessions Together on a Sun-warmed stoop Hand in her hair. Day 17, A River of Stones

A Small Stone Late

I agreed with myself that I would write a small stone for Fiona and Kaspa on their wedding day, which was June 18. What with the whirlwhind of (fill in list of excuses here), the entire weekend disappeared somewhere. I didn’t realize that I’d even forgotten until today, driving, I heard Mary Chapin Carpenter singing “Late For…

Who Do You Love?

I admit it. I have a serious Life-Crush on Tara. It’s Ok. I am sure she doesn’t mind. I mean, after all, her business is to make people want to feel that gorgeous feeling of love… not just for her, but for ourselves. There are just those certain kinds of people in the world, aren’t…