Category: Poetry

Passing Through

Glassy days– Across the fields Crows can’t be bothered. Hot summer car rides Roads lounging into Forever. Windscreen winks at Passing clouds. You May Also Like:Back of My HandIn MidairI wonder what JFK would have to sayNotes from Inside the TrainIn My California Time

That Face, Listening

Eyes fixed on mine, Nearly. Chin cupped into Palm. Furrowed brow, “Huh.” Call and response. You listen. You don’t agree. Day 12, July A River of Stones You May Also Like:A Poem to Those Who Love MeOn Being Called an Idiot10 Things I Love About YouUnderstanding Love, Regret and HopeMy (Internal) Midwestern Landscape

I Brought a Loofa

Private talkBetween campground showers“You need soap, Karen?”“I caught it!” “I brought a loofa.”Two women sighingOver water pleasure andFriends. Day 10, A River of Stones You May Also Like:My Kind of AmericaLet Me Be a JellyfishAll the Original EverythingI wonder what JFK would have to sayHold This Kitten, Would You?

Iowa Storm

Into the northwest On a thick summer Evening come Leaden skies Like a bad dream. Day 5, The River of Stones. You May Also Like:The WallBack of My HandIn MidairResidueAnger Comes

Sunset Pinks…

… layered and wilting into golden reds– You put Disney Princess blush To shame You May Also Like:AROS #4Resolve – A Beautiful WordWe Want… BeautyThe Danger of Being QuietThis Orchid and I

Stick To It

small squares hold together life tiny reminders in brilliant hues– one thin strip of sticky soon wears away Day 3, A River of Stones You May Also Like:Savor All Things GoldA Small Stone LateMore Stuff Than I Could Ever NeedOn Rivers of StoneAn Hour of UnShopping

Mom Kept a Few Things

Penguin refrigerator, frog stove. Fisher Price merry go round With cranky plastic carnie– How they afforded it All cash then. No plastic. Day 2, July, A River of Stones. You May Also Like:No Related Posts

Middle of Night

All those hours, maybe wasted Spent instead –Blackness or blankness– Sorting memory// Organizing me. Day 1, July, A River of Stones. You May Also Like:ResidueAnger ComesFine Tooth CombThe WallI Brought a Loofa

Becoming Absorbent

I haven’t been posting as frequently lately. I don’t consider this writer’s block, though I once did. This is because I have been thinking. A Little Story Once I sign up for a pottery class. My friend, Rita, forced me. She berated me until I went. Fine, I said. I am not writing anyway. Might…

How To Write Around It

Yesterday in class, my student Mike had clearly lost faith. I didn’t know why. But I could see that he was lost. I had asked the entire class to write for a page in response to the question: “Who are you in a group?” followed by “What do you fear about working in  groups?” They…

On Home and Horizons

At least three times since I have been back to visit my parents, I have thought: “It’s nice to be home.” Then I remembered that I haven’t lived here since 20 years, half my life. Home comes when I feel my heart Drop its weight in relief At the sight of flat land running Forever…

My Favorite… Poem

Want to torture me? Ask me who my favorite AUTHOR is. Or my favorite film. AAHHH! It’s really like asking the old woman who lived in the shoe which is her favorite child. I mean, can she even remember all of them? But I do have a poem that I love and come back to…