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There is life and it exists, outside America. Duh.

It’s good to hug a person

Ten years ago I lived on Delaware Road in London. Colin had gotten himself half-addicted to internet poker (mostly because he understood the algorithms) and I, in an attempt to connect with him in on his online poker island, suggested writing a couple’s poker blog. It was adorable… called “Poker Sweet Home: Married to the Flop”. It…

Notes from Inside the Train

Pyramid Electric Windows along Amtrak NER train 141

On Amtrak, my so-called real life is held at bayIn Philadelphia, the quiet car fills up completely– so completely that I can’t keep my screen hidden from my seat mate. I don’t know him, but I know enough that he was kind. He gave up his window seat to a couple so that they could…

In Love with ‘Love, Actually’

Love Actually Perfect

How 10 Years of Fear Have Bruised our HeartsBecause I forgot to take the bacon out of the freezer Christmas Eve, I got the chance to see “Love, Actually” again this year. It just so happens that this is the 10th anniversary of the film, and for some reason that means that people are thinking/talking…

How I Made Friends in London (Without Really Knowing How I Did It)

Moving to England? Concerned about being lonely and ostracized due to your homeland’s generalized ignorance, poor eating habits, and moronically Machiavellian leadership? DON’T WORRY! It’s simple! Just follow these easy, tried-and-true steps! Study important films from your host country to create an understanding of what ALL the people in that country will be like before you go.…

Americans Want Everything

This is a guest post by author Jennifer Wilson in the BIG QUESTION series “What Does America Want?“ Her book “Running Away to Home” is released today.  — To begin, a caveat: I’ve gotten around as a professional travel writer for the past 14 years, and I don’t have a solid blanket characterization of all…

The Girl Effect

When a girl turns 12 And lives in poverty Her future is out of her control. In the eyes of many, She is a Woman Now. Married by 14 Pregnant by 15 She may have to sell her body to support her family. What’s the solution?  There are 50 million of them.  Today bloggers…

We could eat. Or we could not eat.

The following podcast is a guest contribution, part of the September “BIG QUESTION” series, asking “What does America Want?”

Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita expand the discussion of "What Does America Want?"

Americans are also human. Theoretically.

So expanding the question “What does America want?” today are writers and Pureland Buddhists Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita, who were kind enough to dedicate their weekly Tuesday podcast to the question: “What does humanity want?”

Please enjoy the podcast, here or at their lovely blog, which is simulcasting today. And comment on.

For those writers in the world, you might also enjoy their wonderful writing community, “Writing our Way Home.” I know I do.

Thanks Fiona and Kaspa!


Fiona Robyn has always been passionate about words. She has published three novels, and other books including A Year of Questions: How to slow down and fall in love with life. She will be getting back to her work-in-progress very soon! She feels privileged to be working as a creativity coach and a therapist in private practice, and loves running the e-courses. Follow her on Twitter:@fiona_robyn.


Fiona Robyn

Kaspalita is a Buddhist Priest in the Pureland Tradition. His undergraduate degree is in Drama, and he is currently studying Buddhist Psychotherapy with the Amida Trust. He blogs at Malvern Sangha site and runs the e-course Eastern Therapeutic Writing and The Art of Paying Attention, and co-edited the book pay attention: a river of stones. Follow him on Twitter: @kaspalita.

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Someone Else’s Problem

The following is a guest post by Canadian IT developer Colin Phillips for the September BIG QUESTION series. Thanks Colin! — If you polled folks on the street and asked them “What does America Want?”, in the same way that Elizabeth has asked her guest bloggers, Affordable Healthcare would probably be at or near the…

Mom Kept a Few Things

Penguin refrigerator, frog stove. Fisher Price merry go round With cranky plastic carnie– How they afforded it All cash then. No plastic. Day 2, July, A River of Stones. You May Also Like:No Related Posts

In Love with Royal Love

Grateful this morning, at 4:30 a.m., for Colin’s choice of 52″ inch HD. Eschewing Jon Stewart’s cynicism, for blogs on exotic millinery. Sharing the Royal Love feels sweet, pure; held whole A soft, cold, unpeeled orange. I am a Londoner again, today, splayed spread eagle In St. James Park at noontime– Between meetings– Hogging first slices of…

On Being Underscheduled

Ahhh. Today was one of those most perfect days. I was so happy because my zen-wonderful brother-in-law/sister-in-law and their kids were visiting. They have such a nice way of arriving with their own unplanned, unhurried, not-worried manner. They are — or seem to be — just quite happy to hang out at our house and…

“Father Joe”: Not Funny, But Wonderful

I listen to The Moth podcast because it almost never fails to make my whole spirit roil with tittering champagne bubbles of hilarity. I don’t guffaw out loud, mind you. It’s just that frothy happiness that fills me up — not unlike the pool scene in Peter Sellers’ classic, The Party. Today, I listened to…

Other People’s Problems

On Everyday Charity and 9.0 Earthquakes. One day on Facebook I asked my friends: “What can I do to help you?” It was one of those days when I had some unexpected free time. I sincerely hoped that someone would ask me to make dinner for them or watch their kids or juggle their seven…

The Anxiety Drowning Us

It’s taken, literally, 6 weeks to sort out the issue of a small car accident. Insurance, repair, parts, claims, ice, rental vehicles, customer service surveys, fuse boxes, indicator lights, supervisors, reports, emailed photos, DRUs, and more. This is only one item on the To Do list for the week. HIGH ANXIETY – the side effect…

Listening: “The Water Child” by Edwidge Danticat

Ours is an immigrant existence, here in America, whether we want to admit it or not. This morning I am thinking about Haiti, which of course we’ve most of us pushed to the back of our minds because we are thinking about Egypt. This morning I am thinking about Haiti because I am listening to…