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This Orchid and I

… we don’t know Anything about each other. Curving leaves Hidden roots One long dead Stem. How much Attention Does she need? Day 25, A River of Stones You May Also Like:The Sound of One Voice Shouting in the Woods – #Reverb14, Day 5Love, and Putting OutWhy Am I Reading 50 Shades of Grey?What an…


Men don’t leave. Skin flakes gather On sheets Cologne draped from Unaired corners. Men don’t leave. You May Also Like:A Small Stone LateA Poem to Those Who Love MeHow to Be AmazingOn Nostalgia: Wanting What We Already HadAnger Comes

Anger Comes

Anger comes Nettle Under sock cuff. Minutes and hours Chopped in Food processor like Helpless almonds. Until I find My way cool again. You May Also Like:ResidueFine Tooth CombThe WallI Brought a LoofaBack of My Hand

On a Hot Day

hose crawls through the holly bush coughing hot leftovers into a blue backyard lagoon Day 19, July, A River of Stones You May Also Like:The WallThis is homeCargo Pants, Packing Lists, and the Pothole of DespairThe First RecipeMy Friend, with Existential Chickens

Fine Tooth Comb

Blue plastic comb Rosemary Spray Bother the louse And its tedium. Glass-half full? Long sessions Together on a Sun-warmed stoop Hand in her hair. Day 17, A River of Stones You May Also Like:ResidueAnger ComesThe WallI Brought a LoofaBack of My Hand

Passing Through

Glassy days– Across the fields Crows can’t be bothered. Hot summer car rides Roads lounging into Forever. Windscreen winks at Passing clouds. You May Also Like:Back of My HandNotes from Inside the TrainIn My California TimeVacationland: Switch off and Tune InThe Danger of Being Quiet

That Face, Listening

Eyes fixed on mine, Nearly. Chin cupped into Palm. Furrowed brow, “Huh.” Call and response. You listen. You don’t agree. Day 12, July A River of Stones You May Also Like:A Poem to Those Who Love MeUnderstanding Love, Regret and HopeMy (Internal) Midwestern Landscape10 Reasons to Travel Back in TimeAll These Years of Loving You

The Wall

This heat has No name at all until You remind yourself He. Is. There. Exit the climate-controlled Iceblock Bedroom Only to hit The Wall. Day 11, A River of Stones You May Also Like:Iowa StormResidueAnger ComesOn a Hot DayFine Tooth Comb

I Brought a Loofa

Private talkBetween campground showers“You need soap, Karen?”“I caught it!” “I brought a loofa.”Two women sighingOver water pleasure andFriends. Day 10, A River of Stones You May Also Like:We Want… BeautyMy List of Things I Want (For America)ResidueAnger ComesFine Tooth Comb

Back of My Hand

I-74Across the Mississippi–That Familiar vein throughMy life I Cross this morning east.Your still flatness hides Lonely strongCurrentsPulling me back. Day 9, A River of Stones You May Also Like:Iowa StormResidueAnger ComesFine Tooth CombPassing Through

Dirty Face

Eating means makingMess to smallPeopleAnd to some of themSticky marshmallowBecomingHand spider webIs the reason. Day 7, A River of Stones You May Also Like:Food We Eat (or Don’t)On Changing My View of CookingFood Courage, No JudgmentThe First RecipeA Poem to Those Who Love Me

Iowa Storm

Into the northwest On a thick summer Evening come Leaden skies Like a bad dream. Day 5, The River of Stones. You May Also Like:The WallBack of My HandResidueAnger ComesFine Tooth Comb

Sunset Pinks…

… layered and wilting into golden reds– You put Disney Princess blush To shame You May Also Like:AROS #4Resolve – A Beautiful WordWe Want… BeautyThe Danger of Being QuietThis Orchid and I

Stick To It

small squares hold together life tiny reminders in brilliant hues– one thin strip of sticky soon wears away Day 3, A River of Stones You May Also Like:Savor All Things GoldA Small Stone LateMore Stuff Than I Could Ever NeedOn Rivers of StoneAn Hour of UnShopping

Mom Kept a Few Things

Penguin refrigerator, frog stove. Fisher Price merry go round With cranky plastic carnie– How they afforded it All cash then. No plastic. Day 2, July, A River of Stones. You May Also Like:No Related Posts