10 Things I Love About You

Susan's Birdhouse

Grey hair in streaks, falling straight down. Friendship, translucent and strong as fishing line Books, stacks of texts, leaning. Paper birds, emerging from the wet, hempy mash Disagreement, and dissent. Chickens in the back 40. Raised boxes and their bees. Voice, a cool shaded pond. Bob. Tomorrow, empty canvas. — for Susan, Day 12, Poetry Month You…

Haiku to a Moon

Seventh day resting  Balanced on land’s razor edge– Blood orange moon rises. -day 11, poetry month You May Also Like:10 Things I Love About YouApril Fools – Day 1 – Poetry MonthEarth Day Haiku (by Tati)Mizzle, Again, Without YouAll the Original Everything

An Ode to Frida, on a Monday


Across the Gulf from La Casa Azul, this Monday Late morning I am thinking of you, Frida. My sister’s just called and We Facetimed, her lying flat on her Back on her bed, phone in midair Me slurping lukewarm coffee in my Second cousin-in-law’s second home and the chatter Echoes off textured walls until we…

My Kind of America

Got to hit the road and try to find My kind of America. It’s out there Somewhere: not too crowded, A farmer’s market weekly At the time of day convenient for Both the workers and the farmers. People reading books. Bike lanes and Sidewalks and garden boxes Where brown and white Mix happily as a…

Is it Me You’re Looking For?

Lionel Richie hello is it me you're looking for

There once was a man said ‘Hello’. Who heard no reply from below. He said with grunt “I’ll go look out front” But instead just looked down at his toe. –poem by Colin, day 8 You May Also Like:An Ode to Frida, on a MondayEarth Day Haiku (by Tati)Mizzle, Again, Without YouAll the Original EverythingLove is a Fingerprint

A fitting tribute to artistic madness

Troubadour Dali Museum

Dali broke with the Surrealist movement Cuz they didn’t like that he got famous. Jealous bitches be like “yo Sal, Babe, ain’t no way to make, like, Art and also Cash.” So he and Gala bought A boat and she ditched her Husband and they made out for France to Hide and read and Butter…