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A Small Stone Late

I agreed with myself that I would write a small stone for Fiona and Kaspa on their wedding day, which was June 18. What with the whirlwhind of (fill in list of excuses here), the entire weekend disappeared somewhere. I didn’t realize that I’d even forgotten until today, driving, I heard Mary Chapin Carpenter singing “Late For…

Small Stone Blogsplash – we need your help…

Kaspa & Fiona have taken over my blog for today, because they need our help. They are both on a mission to help the world connect with the world through writing. They are also getting married on Saturday the 18th of June. For their fantasy wedding present, they are asking people across the world to write them a ‘small…

pay attention: a river of stones – Now on Sale!

I was thrilled that Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita selected one of my small stones to be published in their beautiful anthology… and here it is! pay attention: a river of stones is available is three formats: a stunning collectible hardcover (of course, I willsign your copy for you!); lusciously affordable paperback; and easy-peasy, ultra-portable, great-for-the-subway…

Stop Everything

Betty cat sidles up Shoves her way in Lolls under my firm pressure Kneading my gut. Telling me with toenails uncut… Stop working, stop everything– Make more… Make more love.


Montrous Snow peaks, huddled at Road edges, yard edges Crowd the winter in. Barely room for me to slither by In my repressed Town & Country. I remember you, snow, as Individual, unique Flakes, and I feel The same lonely.


The friend is A spring in the Trampoline which– If you are willing To risk the bone crunch And the stomach lurch– Can send you flipping and flying.

On Rivers of Stone

Tomorrow I start teaching again which would normally make me feel as though I am lost to free time for a few months. But, I love teaching. And I love my tutoring job, and I love the time I spend with my students and colleagues on campus, where, for the few peanuts tossed to me,…


The one I least expected — number one son, The boy with “Fidget” tattooed On his soul — Stayed still like a breathing boulder In our silent meditation.


AROS #1 All the power of DAY– Light To discern and distinguish Light To construct the concrete world Compose ephemeral meaning, All pulsing In one Hair thin Filament.