What is Demand Poetry?

Life is Short. Demand Poetry.

Demand Poetry is original poetry created with you, one-on-one on my Olivetti typewriter, signed and dated.

Original custom poetry written for mothers day wife vows Demand Poetry Elizabeth Howard typewriter

My wife loved the poem.

My daughter and I enjoyed it so much that we read it through many times before I wrapped it. 

Thank you again for the wonderful poetry.”

Wayne D.

Demand Poetry is customized poems, perfect for:

  • weddings,
  • Mother’s Day,
  • graduation,
  • girls’ weekends,
  • birthdays,
  • any occasion when you want to tell the story of “I love you” in a unique, original way.

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Original Poem on 5×7 paper – $30

Original Poem on 8×10 paper – $40

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I just wanted to let you know that I received your gorgeous demand poem written for my daughter, Jenna, today, and it brought tears to my eyes to read your incredible work!

I am utterly amazed at how you are able to garner such an intimate understanding about someone through a brief interview. I can’t wait to present this unique, meaningful gift to my daughter.

— Darla, Westchester, NY

Demand Poetry, Step-by-Step

  • You tell me what you want: a customized poem for yourself? For your daughter? For a friend on their birthday or wedding? Whatever the occasion, I can write for you.
  • You choose a size: 5×7 or 8×10. Both perfect for framing.
  • I ask some questions, but not too many.
  • I write the poem. Every poem is composed on my Olivetti Lettera, greased up and reconditioned by Mr. Typewriter, himself.
  • I create a “final” version, on beautiful paper.
  • I ship the poem to you unfolded, in a sturdy C4 sized envelope.

Demand Poetry by Elizabeth G Howard

Why is Demand Poetry is a perfect gift?

It is real time spent together, one-one-one, unravelling a part of your beautiful story.

It is full of your real experiences, real detail from both of you, but in a completely original way.

It is a brief and potent and personal.

Demand Poetry is love. 

Customized options:

Original Poem on 5×7 paper – $30

Original Poem on 8×10 paper – $40

Demand Poetry is also available for live events.
Ask me about my rates and referrals.

Did you know that Zach Houston inspired me to write Demand Poetry?

Disclaimer: All Demand Poetry is original writing, created at the time of commission. Author retains sole copyright and right of publication of all work.