Heading into a ‘Month of Letters’

I am fully aware that it is a bit ironic that I write a BLOG with the word “letters” in the title.

Is it a misnomer? Maybe… Originally my blog was “Letters from London (and Elsewhere)” and it was really just a way for me to — en masse — “post” to a bunch of friends back in the States about what was going on in London while I was over there. This was in the early days of blogging, when it wasn’t a “thing.”

But even then, as the letter format went, I was always pretty stinky at it.

I think I know why…

I think I always had a hard time with the whole “audience” thing. Like, who’s my audience?  Who am I writing this so-called letter to?

Is my sister reading this? Or my former professor? Or my auntie? Or my ex-boyfriend? Because if so, I have COMPLETELY different things to tell each of them about the Tower of London.


I don’t think I’ve ever figured out that whole audience thing. That’s why hardly ANYBODY reads this blog. It’s weirdly stilted, a bit distant, and I don’t post that often.

I’m sometimes HILARIOUS and other times I’m crabby and know-it-all-ish. And sometimes I’m way too melancholy.

About the only people who can deal with all that crazy is my sister Mary and one ex-boyfriend I won’t name, and maybe a few wildly empathetic internet friends that I’d personally like to carry around in my pocket.

The upshot of all this mumbling is that IF I know my audience, and I’m not feeling strangely exposed on the internet, I write fantastic stuff. You know, the sort of thing you get in a one-on-one situation. That is to say, I give good letter. REAL letter.

And that’s good, because this February, I am participating in A Month of Letters, a challenge started online by Chicago-based author Mary Robinette Kowal. The goal for the month is to:

  1. write and post one snail mail letter (or postcard) a day during the month of February (excluding Sundays and President’s Day)
  2. Answer every letter you receive

I love to receive letters. But I am also decent at math (thanks Mom!) I’ve got my own personal formula in my head to understand how it’s gotta happen if I want to get a letter.  I’ve got to send at least 3-4 letters, to get one back. Some friends will write back, some of the time. Some won’t write, ever, any of the time. Sometimes I won’t write back, for whatever reason.

I love to receive letters. Don’t you?? And YEAH, I think I can find 10 or so minutes a day to scribble a note to a friend.

So me grease me up! I’m getting ready for February. Hope to get something from you in my inbox

Want to get a letter from me? Great! Send me your details here!


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