“Letters from Home” is the blog of writer Elizabeth G. Howard.

Writer Elizabeth G Howard Poet

I write essays and poetry on culture, angst, and love. My subjects are regular people, places and the things we interact with everyday.

Sometimes I rant. Sometimes I’m funny. Not much of what I write will fall in into a “Five Ways to Solve Your Problems Today” format. But sometimes!

What I write here is my voice with occasional Guest Posts.

My philosophy? More people should read more beautiful writing.

Where are the photos from?

The posts include both my original photography, which I often take on my phone. Images that are not mine I grab and alter from Pixabay.

I offer my ‘Please Use’ Policy: All of my photos are “please use.” Feel free to use them in your personal or commercial endeavors (as long as you’re not selling them specifically). Just credit “Elizabeth Howard at Letters from a Small State” and link back to my site.

Where else do I write?

I write and edit The Zed Review on Substack. You can subscribe here.

Who is Elizabeth Howard
I am poet, writer and a mom. Elizabeth Howard selfie 2018

I have been writing and thinking about American identity since 2004 when I moved to London. Probably before that

I am a member of the Kansas City cohort of 2022 Artists Inc. Live created by Mid-America Arts Alliance.

I am the creator of Demand Poetry.

I explored the idea of home through poetry and photography for the Stratford Patch; and I wrote for the international writing community, Writing our Way Home, and was published in its anthology.

I started this blog as  “Letters from London, and Elsewhere.” Previously, this blog was called “Letters from a Small State” — a nod to my 11 years living in Connecticut. I have returned “home” to the Kansas City area.

I am: writer, broken guitar string, Emmylou consumer, displaced Iowan, lost Londoner, Disney Ducktorate holder, Facebook insulter.

I like: Sound of Music singalong, Oscar theme parties, straight-hair wigs, direct statements, Amsterdam licorice, finding your Muppet, spoon and fork.

I steal: style, never substance; slices, never pie.

I never: stay put, let go, stop loving.

I have: vivid dreams, reluctant minivan, Jessie dog, Canadian counterpart, 4 decades. Plus.

I dream: Dominican moonrise, pink Vespas, white goats nibbling green cheese hillsides, toolbelt afternoons.

I hate: Red-ink reinforcers, whispers behind hands, too much frosting–not enough cake.

Would that I were: Eddie Izzard.

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