I prefer to think of
“Lack of Motivation”
As a quirky town one visits
Not unlike The North Pole or 
Reno, where brick streets
Coo under your tires
Where coffee cafes 
Serve decaf in recliners to 
Where snack waiters weave 
Through the Lazy Boys with
Free samples everything with
Cheese, the spreadable
Kind with wine,
Brie en croute
Swiss, melted on a Triscuit.
It’s so displeasing to think
One’s disinclination to
Do the correct thing
As a character flaw:
Rather why shouldn’t
Be a daring detour to the
Destination, a surprise
Cream-filled center baked
Into the journey? 
Guilt ruins everything, 
So why invest in it, 
Why let it rust your
Route 66 daydreams?

Day 20, #100daysproject and National Poetry Month 2022

Thanks to Abby Ott for the prompt. And as always, thanks to the late, great Chris Farley whose Motivational Speak Matt Foley still makes me (and David Spade) giggle to this day.

Elizabeth Howard

Elizabeth writes literary non-fiction, haiku, cultural rants, and Demand Poetry in order to forward the cause of beautiful writing. She calls London, Kansas City, and Iowa home. 


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