The Art of Not Beating Myself Up

It’s a fine balance — to
Excuse oneself of one’s
Daily failings while
Simultaneously keeping
Inherent laziness in check.

Somewhere along the
Spectrum between
Perfectionism and total
Sloth-dom, I rise to
Today’s occasion of
To dos.

On the one hand I know I am
Failing utterly at
Living in the now
As I continually
Check myself for the
Tics of timeline inadequacies.

On the other hand, work is
A Measured Pour —
There’s no possibility of
Getting drunk on its
Feedback loop– or
Falling in love.

It takes time, in fits and
Spurts, long naps, unplanned
Days and long swallows to
Move forward and to also
Stay still.

Day 15 of 30 Day Challenge from Poet Jen Harris and Writing Workshop Kansas City.