April Fools – Day 1 – Poetry Month

April Fools Day Poem No longer call it
“Stranger danger”–
Now let’s talk about the
“Tricky adults” who chat up
Eight year olds and their
Baby brothers outside
Emergency rooms (while a
Mother’s ovary bursts)–
Who beg for
Help from babies.
Two boys as vulnerable on a
Bench as hatched
Sea turtles on a seagull’s
White sand buffet.
Tricky adults who
Make the news, whose story of
Bathroom lures and
Baby boys on a bench
Build a wall of
Distraction while so many
April fools
Saran Wrap themselves
In Russian-cooked
Rhetoric, to
Enlist in the cause of
A new greatness:
Terror for all;
Justice for some;
Answers for no one.

Inspired by the news.