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Ben’s Thai London… Now Dang!

Lovely lemongrassFor those still looking for Maida Vale’s favourite Thai restaurant, Ben’s Thai, formerly of the Warrington Hotel, don’t worry, it hasn’t gone far.

Under the new name, Dang at Ben’s Thai, Dang and her clan have moved above another pub, the Robert Browning, on Clifton Road. This gritty old man’s boozer, situated on a properly posh throughfare, can only be improved upon with the addition of W9’s most beloved Thai family.

And if you are wondering about the menu, have no fear. Colin and I ate there the other night. The duck spring rolls were just as crispy; the panang just as creamy and the pad thai as sweet and sour with the right spicy kick as ever. In fact, we think the cooks have stepped up their game even, probably not harmed one bit by a beautifully refitted kitchen.

The dining room, by the way, is gorgeous with its lemongrass-green walls and homage to lovely Mrs. Barrett Browning. Be warned, however, that it is only half the size of the old Waz space, with absolutely no smoking in the building at all (except the woks, of course). This means bookings will become even more vital as this place gets its feet under it. Prices are still as reasonable as ever.

Dang at Ben’s Thai on Clifton Road… Yeah, it’s moved, but it hasn’t changed so much. You still have to pass through unsavory pub sort to get to, as one customer called, “a great cheap feed.”

Dang at Ben’s Thai
15 Clifton Road
Above the Robert Browning
London W9 1SY
Phone: 020 72663134

One thought on “Ben’s Thai London… Now Dang!

  1. Thanks for the review on Dang’s .. we went there last night by chance and enjoyed it .. I stumbled on your Website today while looking for reviews of Dang’s. Happy to report it lives up to your praise.

    By the way .. on your page (On your visit to CT) there is a hanging phrase at the end of the piece .. looks as if something got lost somewhere along the line.

    I enjoy your Website .. clean and crisp with good writing.

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