The Biggest Waste of Time

When, in the course of
Sleeping, I stumble across
Some disturbance in a dream
I will then find myself awake.

Awakeness is a layered process,
But eventually I squint at the
Digital clock (if the laundry isn’t
Blocking it) and come out of it.

I might feel tired enough to
Escape, but usually
My mind turns to pressing
Concerns from the other side.

I roll. And I roll. I turn on my side, then
On my back, then around and around
Until, on my stomach, I gaze
At another Michael Epstein revelation

The New York Times feeds me.
Another turn and — AHHH there’s the
Spot! (propped up on my elbow on
My left side) — that is, until

It isn’t. Eventually I have to
Google the coronavirus symptoms again
And text my sister at 4 a.m. because
I’m sure she has COVID Toes.

My time. That special sliver of
Night when silence pervades
The house and I am alone with
My thoughts, such as they are.

Day 6 of 30 Day Challenge from Poet Jen Harris and Writing Workshop Kansas City

Prompt: What Do You think Is the Biggest Waste of Time?

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