British Columbia Tour, Part two

I forgot to post the rest of our photos from our trip to Canada, so if anyone is interested, here they are.

After we left Jasper, we took the Skeena train (two days) through Prince George and stayed overnight there, (Hi uncle Lloyd and Aunt Jackie!) then on to Prince Rupert.

There we picked up the B.C. Ferry the next day for a 16 hour ferry ride to Port Hardy at the northern tip of Vancouver Island (the ferry was awesome!)

THEN, we overnighted in a fairly crappy hotel in Port Hardy (we saw eagles, though!) and took a cool plane (see photos) to Vancouver. There, we spent some quality time with Colin’s maternal family and sent Mom and Dad on their way to California for the rest of their roadtrip.

THEN, Colin and I, along with cousin Sean and his family, did a three-day trip to the Okanagan Valley, for relaxation and wine tasting. More of the latter than the former!

THEN, we went home and hosted family and friends at our house for two weeks straight, which was awesome but I think I am still having dizzy spells.

Canada – The Bottom Line

One thing I have to say about Canada, well, two actually, but they are related.

1) There aren’t anywhere NEAR as many people in Canada as there are in the U.S. There’s only 33 million, give or take, and most of them, as a percentage (based on my very scientific study of buying beer from them and talking to them in hotel lobbies) are nicer and more chatty than most Americans (same study rules). However, this does not, by faulty deductive logic (DAVE!) mean that there should be an expectation that most Americans will be jerks.

2) There is a LOT of friggin’ space in Canada. I can’t give you exact numbers, (Google it yourself, for heavens sake! I’m not getting paid for this!) but I can tell you that the eensiest corner of Alberta and the parts of British Columbia we saw were enough to keep the average RVer busy for a decade, minimum.

Bottom line: I love Canada, but seriously, I would NOT want to clean it.