Bye Doug

Bye Doug. But before you
Go, let me just tell you that
I know your smile.
Those gleaming teeth
A smirky look.
A gentle heart.
I can still hear you laugh,
Like a snicker rolled into a wave.
Your fine blonde hair
(Gone white in the
Summer sun), I remember.
I remember the dock at
The Mississippi house where
Crane flies attacked us,
Your tank top showing off
Skin so brown.
And I remember how
Nice you were to me
In the hallway,
Just a lowly

Bye Doug. When you get
Up there to heaven
Could you hug Mom
For me? I know you will
But thought I’d remind you
Anyway. Also, keep it down.
I am sure you and Tony
And Wendy are gonna wanna
Blare some classic rock
And drink some beers.
But some of us still have
To work tomorrow.

Doug, it’s too late to
Ask you not to go, and
I doubt you’d listen anyway. But
John’s gonna miss his BFF and
Kevin’s never known life
Without your smart ass
Refrain, and Mom and Dad–
Well, they are prepared but
Not ready. So let’s keep
This short and sweet–
We’ll see you around,
Doug. We all promise
To keep our chins up
(Even if we don’t want to)
Down here, and P.S.
Losing you

In memory of my brother’s best friend, Doug Schrad, who died Sept. 8, 2020.



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