C’mon everybody… follow me to The Lost Summer!

Well, for those of you that wondered what happened to Colin and I this summer, here is a photo montage, not necessarily in order… very much like the European history you studied in high school, there was conflict, drama, invasions, unheaval, and Van Morrison concerts at stately homes.


Bob, Amy and Colin in the mob at Van Morrison concert

Ten days with the Barnes family in the July heat… sweat it out!

Our harvest of tiny tomatoes. Seen here, actual size.

July 7th at the Warrington, the day of the bombing.
Drink your security worries away.

Pigeons are warm and feel weird. They don’t tell you that.

“Hmmm Venice,” Mary thinks. “Nice, but where can I park the Colonel?”

Ann’s first love in Venice: a short, Asian woman named Kaidi from California who sings opera.

They don’t have driers in Venice either… At least the sun shines there.

Ann and Mary get time to relax in a quiet spot in Treviso

Little bastard! We missed it by one day!

Hey! This Parisian obelisk looks suspiciously like the ones we saw in Egypt!

Oh, beer in Montmarte tasted SO good…

Ann, our personal work of Parisienne art …

Getting down and dirty for the best photos of Paris churches… Here, Notre Dame

big, Big, BIG Colin

He’s got the whole tower in his hands…. (this never stops being funny to us).

Louvre aerobics. Sweatin’ to the classics!

Beer and euchre on the Eurostar. Can’t be beat.

Leeds Castle in Maidstone … no I didn’t have to photoshop in the blue sky.

Maze at Leeds Castle… we found our way out but discovered we were never in Leeds. hmmm…

One last quick dip before we head home.

Gorgeous Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs… the last breath of summer…

Elizabeth Howard

Elizabeth writes literary non-fiction, haiku, cultural rants, and Demand Poetry in order to forward the cause of beautiful writing. She calls London, Kansas City, and Iowa home. 


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