Danny Wallace’s Cup of Tea

Dear Danny,

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that I was thinking about you.

I’ve got the kettle on and it happens that way. Whenever I go to make my second cup of tea (especially on a cloudy day), I think of your “another cup of tea and biscuits” moments from Yes Man! and Join Me! That was good stuff– not everyone would agree that chronicling the “dull details” of your daily life could be hilarious and unforgettable, but Danny you really pull it off.

I have to say … I am really glad that Colin pulled you out of the the 3-for-2 bin that day. Look how far you’ve come since! (Colin says he doesn’t expect to get credit, but a thank you note wouldn’t hurt.)

I’ve been seeing previews of the Jim Carrey vehicle of “Yes Man.” Oh well. I guess Hollywood happens. I am sure you got paid well for it and I am really glad for you ‘cuz you deserve it. (I hope you negotiated a meeting with Zooey Deschanel… she’s really cool.) I am going to be sad to miss the moment of revelation on the double-decker bus however. That was really awesome. And the chase around Amsterdam. Jim Carrey and L.A. have got nothing on you and London.

Well, that’s about it Danny. Hope you are well and drinking tea. Colin says “hi” and hopes you found a better, even nicer place than that tiny flat in Bow.

See you later,

Joinee Ebeth

P.S. If it isn’t too much trouble, could you please send us a box of P.G. Tips? We’ve run out and there’s none to be had here. We are dying over here for some decent cuppa! I’m sure you understand. Thanks. (-: