Letters from Home


I’m on the train on the way to meet two old friends in New York. A part of me is terrified to put my foot on the platform at Grand Central.

I am a traveller. I don’t stay put. I go places.

Yet in the last 8 years I’ve mostly been with my travel companion, who has excellent sense of direction. He never once panics when he pops up out of the Tube in London, wondering which way to turn my face.

So I know I am not afraid of the city or getting lost.

I am suddenly aware that I love my husband a whole lot and depend on him. Even if I know I can get by for a day without him.

It’s a beautiful sunny day for meeting friends in the city…

4 thoughts on “Depending

  1. I still wouldn’t be able to walk directly from Liecester Square to China Town in London without you. The rest of London, no problem – but there’s something about that part of the West End …

  2. Have fun! I am the same way about New York. Go there all the time, but when I go by myself, it’s sort of nervewracking…

    1. Amanda, of course it was perfectly easy, no problem! I have a GPS in my phone and it was a piece of cake! I suppose that is the nature of humans, to fret a bit. It helps us to plan better.

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