We could eat. Or we could not eat.

The following podcast is a guest contribution, part of the September “BIG QUESTION” series, asking “What does America Want?”

Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita expand the discussion of "What Does America Want?"

Americans are also human. Theoretically.

So expanding the question “What does America want?” today are writers and Pureland Buddhists Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita, who were kind enough to dedicate their weekly Tuesday podcast to the question: “What does humanity want?”

Please enjoy the podcast, here or at their lovely blog, which is simulcasting today. And comment on.

For those writers in the world, you might also enjoy their wonderful writing community, “Writing our Way Home.” I know I do.

Thanks Fiona and Kaspa!


Fiona Robyn has always been passionate about words. She has published three novels, and other books including A Year of Questions: How to slow down and fall in love with life. She will be getting back to her work-in-progress very soon! She feels privileged to be working as a creativity coach and a therapist in private practice, and loves running the e-courses. Follow her on Twitter:@fiona_robyn.


Fiona Robyn

Kaspalita is a Buddhist Priest in the Pureland Tradition. His undergraduate degree is in Drama, and he is currently studying Buddhist Psychotherapy with the Amida Trust. He blogs at Malvern Sangha site and runs the e-course Eastern Therapeutic Writing and The Art of Paying Attention, and co-edited the book pay attention: a river of stones. Follow him on Twitter: @kaspalita.