A fitting tribute to artistic madness

Troubadour Dali MuseumDali broke with the Surrealist movement
Cuz they didn’t like that he got famous.
Jealous bitches be like “yo Sal,
Babe, ain’t no way to make, like,
Art and also
Cash.” So he and Gala bought
A boat and she ditched her
Husband and they made out for
France to
Hide and read and
Butter bread in the evening.

Probably it hurt a lot,
When his friends ditched him.
Already felt sorry for himself
What with the dead brother they
Named him after, and the sister who
Hated his love and called him
Maybe he agreed well enough
Cuz artists are s’posed to be
Tortured, and sweet Mama’s
Dead so what the hell?

Doubt fame rescued him from the
Pain of losing his
Family and having
Friends cast him out.
Gala died and painting dried
Up. Funny old geezer, strange
Artist, mustachioed man.
Petrified and stolen
Alive still and yet.