Getting the Olivetti 33

I just went ahead, finally, and dished out the $$ on the Olivetti 33, because every writer should own a manual typewriter and this one is so lovely. I did what Mom told me and thought about it for awhile– like two years.

Restored to oily perfection by Dan, aka “Mr Typewriter,” from Florrisant, MO, this beauty came overly-bubble-wrapped yesterday, ironically, in a Dell box. Colin asked me if I bought myself a new laptop.

Yeah, honey. Sort of.

This is just in time, actually, since Starbucks has announced a couple days ago it will offer free Wifi at all of the American locations, starting July 1, 2010.

For me, Starbucks was one of those “last bastion” sort of places, where  Microsoft Word and I could go to escape from Google/Facebook for a few hours while I got some writing done. I have WiFi-charging-behemoth Starbucks in London to thank for my getting two novels written.

Sigh. Oh Well. Those were the OLD days.

Since I can’t do that anymore, I think I’ll just have to fall back on the “original laptop,” this portable manual Italian beauty, and some fine bond typing paper. By the time I finish the NEXT novel, I figure so many journalists will be out of work I should be able to hire one, CHEAP, to transcribe my next bestseller to PC.

I wonder, though, how the too-cool hipsters and stroller hotties at the coffeehouse will dig my clickety-clackety machine. Only time will tell.

Thanks Olivetti for another gorgeous product, made in Italy.

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