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How does ljcfyi do it?

LJC so cool

One of my favorite bloggers, hands down, is little Jenny C., the official blogger for Kodak. I’ll tell you, all I want to know is this: how does she do it? She is updating her blog everyday, but not just the front page. She also works on updating her pages on the following:

  • MySugar
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Plaxo
  • Kodak’s Thousand Words
  • Rocha-Chatter
  • Craftster
  • de.licio.us
  • MySpace
  • And Others

Which is enough to keep anyone busy full time. Except that, obviously, she has to have something to post. And she is, doing any of the following in colorful and bloggable ways:

  • knitting
  • gardening
  • scootering
  • wine tasting
  • airshow viewing
  • shopping
  • eating out
  • sight seeing
  • remodeling
  • dog walking
  • trendspotting

As Kodak’s chief blogger, obviously she doesn’t go anywhere without a camera, so her blog is chockablock with photos of her daily escapades.

I like Jenny’s blog because it’s real: a photo story of what’s going on around her place and in her world.  It seems like it suits her and in that way, it suits me too. I admire her work and it gives me great ideas.

Good blogs do that: they are an extension of you. You can’t make a blog different from yourself. They are only good when they radiate what you have to offer. They are like the perfect combination of friend, library and quilting circle.

Cheers Jenny.

2 thoughts on “How does ljcfyi do it?

  1. I do feel kind of tired now that I read this! 🙂
    Thanks for such a nice post about me. I am so glad you enjoy my blog. – Jenny (ljc)

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