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I Need You Now… More Than Words Can Say

I’ve mentioned before that I am making some changes to my blog, and that they will be happening over the course of time.

Key to the success of my space, though, is making it a bit less MINE and a bit more YOURS.

We like to think of ourselves as islands — There’s ME and then there’s EVERYONE ELSE — but the reality is that we flow together in mind, ideas, and beliefs. No matter whether we are green or gravel.

So in honor of the Quechuan concept of ayni (which I am reading about in Carol Cumes book right now), today I am re-evaluating what YOU want.

1. I am using a few methods, including re-visiting and evaluating the spark behind the posts that received the most comments! Such as this one and this one. Here I found that my readers got engaged with conversation… that got them thinking and talking. That is GOAL ONE of this blog. Are we CHALLENGING OUR THINKING?

2. But there’s another kind of post I don’t want to ignore, either. One like this one, which was my most viewed post of the summer, according to Google Analytics. Not too many comments, but clearly the link between Scoutiegir’s’ “We Scout Wednesdays” and the experiential writing is something that people desire to read. That is GOAL TWO of this blog. Are we reading BEAUTIFUL WRITING?

3. I’d like your feedback. How do I go about changing this conversation, and capture the essence of ayni?

I want to hear back from you and know that you are ALIVE and working too! That is GOAL THREE of this blog. Are we PARTICIPATING? In life, in the process of change, in making our BEST experiences reality.

How do I do that? I’d like to know where you’ve been on this six-year-old blog that made things happen for you…in whatever way.

Give Me the 4-11

You can comment here, or fly it over to me via paper-airplane-mail. Whatever. Tell me what you like and what you hate. I promise I won’t cry too hard or in front of you.

There about 12 or so of you (that I know of) that read regularly, and at LEAST another 50 or more that lurk about that I don’t know. How many comments/pieces of feedback will I receive? Oooh it’s so exciting!

How can you tell me what do YOU desire to read? Think about how you value your reading time during the day.

Then you can it do a few ways.

  • Find your favorite post and link to it in the comments.
  • Find your favorite blog, one you can’t stop reading, and send me a link.
  • Tell me your favorite story, apropos of nothing, and don’t worry about why it matters. I’ll know.

BTW, if you think this post if for someone else, it isn’t. It’s for you! But you can share it on Facebook or Twitter. I won’t mind.

13 thoughts on “I Need You Now… More Than Words Can Say

  1. Funny…I am going through the exact same process on my own blog! I started mine earlier this year and I am just tring to make it here in the big blog world. I have real readers who comment and I know I have lurkers too. I think your blog is terrific and keep up the great work 🙂

  2. I enjoy your posts that catch us up on your world the most. I like hearing about the new things you experience and your reactions to them. It’s like catching up with you over some McCoy’s Mac & Cheese or at the Broadway Cafe even though we can’t. We miss you.

    I tend to read blogs that make me feel connected to people I think I could be friendly with. People who write real things. I also enjoy posts that make me think or re-think what I’ve been thinking. Or posts that remind me to appreciate what I do have while continuing to challenge me to make things better for the world and for my own situation. And I also enjoy laughing. Here are some other blogs I read:


    And I like your reference to pop-culture power ballads. Hope this is helpful!

    1. That’s not Peter Cetera.. It’s Alias! But I could quote a Petera Cetera song for you… ow about: “You’re the meaning IN my life… You’re the in-spir-AYYYYYY-shun.”

  3. This might make the writer in you want to smack me – but 99.99% of the blogs I go to are for eye candy only – rarely pay attention to the writing unless an image snags my eye and I want to know more about it. They’re all design/craft blogs that spark my creativity – make me want to create something. I use google reader to check them each and every day – about 50 regularly and another 75 or so when I’m hard up or in the mood for something else.

    My favs:

    Usually the only blogs I actually READ ones kept by people I know.

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