Letters from Home

It’s No Secret…

… that Colin and I are NOT YET with children. I mean, you can look everywhere around our house for kids and all you will find is one very strange cat who will not, for any reason, allow you to pick her up.

The curious thing about being married in the suburbs in Connecticut and being of a certain age is that, well, there aren’t ANY other people around of your age. IF you don’t have children.

The people with children are definitely lurking about. I know this because I see schools and school buses, and I am teaching the grown-up version of their children. But I don’t ever see PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN. It’s as if they have been swallowed up into the parallel universe of KIDLAND.

It may be that they just don’t frequent the bars I hang out in. Or the kids aren’t fans of late night folk music and The Reader. I am not sure. I guess I can’t quite get a handle on it though.

Anyway, it’s no secret to most of you that Colin and I may soon be falling down the Rabbit Hole too. If I can, I’ll send postcards from the other side, and let you know where everyone went.

7 thoughts on “It’s No Secret…

  1. All of the people with children are on my street. Come to visit them anytime. With no drapes on my windows, I can snoop at them all the time.

  2. It’s a pretty frickin’ amazing hole to fall down. It’s like the rules of the universe all change, all at once. Takes a while to adjust to more gravity, less time, denser stuff, less self, more other, thinner membranes between “you” and “not you”. Good work, if you can get it.

  3. Our particular rabbit hole may be a little deeper than most, but hey … I like rabbits. The more the merrier. I say that now (childless), check back when it all changes.

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