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Knitting – The Anti-Rage Rage

So apparently, I’ve gotten quite hooked on this:

It was a combination of the following influences:

  • my Mom re-teaching me (about a year ago) to knit, in response to a bandage knitting project
  • My friend Frisbie, who is a textile artist. She updated my skills as you can see here (though isn’t responsible for the choice of colors!), including the basketweave technique and (gasp!) TWO yarns at once!
  • Reading Kate Jacobs’ book The Friday Night Knitting Club, which combined my romantic idea of myself as a knitter, with my romantic idea of myself as an independent woman in NYC.
  • And finally, the influence of fellow writer, Disgruntled Cycle Commuting Town Mouse, who inadvertently set my competitive nature in motion when she not only taught herself to knit, but felted a mug cosy that even had Frisbie humming and hahing.

Colin’s comment: “Oh how nice. A Scarf. Just in time for spring.”

You can tell the knitting is working because I just laughed and stitched on.

Colin’s second comment, after I very nicely didn’t poke him with the needle: “No really it’s good. You can get a jump on your Fall line.

Sigh. No respect.

4 thoughts on “Knitting – The Anti-Rage Rage

  1. Hi from your church friend with the twins! The knitted cable sweater motif mugs at S*bucks near the closing office supply store are on clearance. Perfect for a knitting fiend. I crochet more than knit but picked one up today.

    1. My friend Larry (also a knitter/artist) reported that he was working on a scarf and realized that it was …oops… 10 feet long. So now it is going to be a bedspread/wallhanging.

  2. If you want a laugh google crochet graffiti. There is a wonderful community of women around the country who crochet and then go out in the middle of the night and tag everything from trees to handrails to car antennas. It’s a very lighthearted approach to civil disobedience!

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