Letters from Home

Less and Less to Say

I am writing more poems these days. My thoughts are interrupted, and dreamlike. They fly and tumble like monkeys swinging from branches.

These days, I have less less less to say, more times repeated,either writhing or couched in metaphor. I want the eavesdroppers to feel lost, yet  satiated, all the same.

I am using rhetorical devices to avoid you. I am using twisted paths of narrative to confuse you. I am pinching adverbs from the sky like dead and falling stars.

I stopped by the store the other day to buy 70 spf sunblock, to ward off the paparazzi glare of you.

If I feel exposed, it isn’t anything new. I’ve been naked before, while voyeurs re-sketched their idea of me. Charcoal tracing over my flaws, tripping over the broken parts that have not healed. The less I said, the more I answered.

At the end of the cold night, I went home, clothed in layers of exactitude.

One thought on “Less and Less to Say

  1. I like your poetry, my captain. Still waiting for our poem though! I want my $3! (Better Off Dead reference although that was $2)

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