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Life is Too Short to Just Wear Black

Go to Candied Fabrics, for heaven's Sake! Life is too short to wear black!Or, An Ode To Candied Fabrics, Who Is Very Busy Quilting, Yet Commented on my Blog Anyway

Everyday, the grass pushes up through the dirt
And Everyday
We swing the doors of our houses
In and out–
(My front door is red, chipping red paint
With chipping brass fixtures)–
And Everyday, we knit our wardrobe
Together from the fabrics of our
Taste. Socks from bullseye-red
The Perfect Jeans from the
Sale rack at Dillards– Its door
Revolving with heaps of
Pulsating, Blood-filled
Bodies certain that life is
Better now that they’ve got themselves that
Singular Scarf of many Colors.

Everyday, we wrap ourselves
In someone else’s dreams
Candied fabrics stitched together in the dark–
When someone willing
Decided that
Life was too short, finally,
To just wear Black.

4 thoughts on “Life is Too Short to Just Wear Black

  1. oooh what a nice comment Marty! Thanks! I need a whole new wardrobe too, one piece at a time. I am thinking of asking friends on Facebook to mail me one t-shirt each from their castoffs. Want to be the first?

  2. YES! Just annihilated the closet and all giant hidden plastic tubs under my bed – I am getting rid of silly black pants, “my favorite black shirt from France”, dozens of tight things, loose things, ugly things… Just moved all my sunny happy colors to the front of my tiny closet…! Thanks for the pep talk…

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