Love is a Fingerprint

Love is a fingerprint
Shared between
Exactly two people–
Nothing repeats.
No coda, no lookalike
No twin affair possible
Replicated or paraphrased–
Later in life.

My heart knows the
Vinegar taste of you.
I distinguish your laugh
Among the rubble–
One I discern only between
Lines and across
Miles and beyond uncounted graves.
I am yours– The index finger
Points the way.

Time resolves. Yesterday I
Built an IKEA desk on the bedroom floor–
But meanwhile. I took out the
16mm silent replays of us
And assembled it.
When shuffled and memorialized,
Softens its military precision.

Love is a fingerprint shared between
Two people.
Nothing repeats.
Everything returns.
Mountains push up their
Fortress of now.
Rocky hindrances
Organize to
Fulfill a sworn
Duty: This we’ll protect
From smalltalk
From shared lyrics
From now abating to then–
From briny flavor