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Magazines I Never Ordered

Or, My So-Called “Partnership Orders”

My “So-Called” Subscriptions

I got this “bill” in my mailbox the other day.

It came on the heels of the 2008 February issue of Wired Magazine, with a cover shot of Sarah Silverman looking as confused for being in my house as I was for having her there.
Wired, Lost in the Mail? or Here to Torment Me? Now, I don’t have anything against Sarah Silverman, but where the HECK did all these magazines come from?

It started about a month ago: the onslaught of New York magazine. This is a WEEKLY magazine that, if you were a resident of New York, a bit brainy and trendy, and had lots of public transportation reading time, might be worth the investment. But as I spend most of my commuting time in a car, in Connecticut, that doesn’t really seem like the sort of thing I’d throw money away on.

WIRED is another red flag. I don’t even have an iPod! Sure, my knowledge of pop culture up until 1999 was pretty sharp, but once I barred Entertainment Weekly from my mailbox (the “Corseted Cuties” Revolt, some of you know of it), I’ve fallen out with Pop Culture’s inner circles.

The Official Answer

I wasn’t surprised to hear, when I called the New York subscription lady, that I’d “signed-up” for my subscription through something that, as she asserted, “could have happened without your knowledge.”

It’s called “Partnership offers”… and Miss Monotone could tell me who some of the partners were, but naturally NOT who I signed up with… hmm.

I am about to start checking credit card statements, to make sure I didn’t pay for any of this junk either. But my first stop will be the publishers of these two magazines who, no matter what they say, have to be responsible for every party they let sell their title.


One thought on “Magazines I Never Ordered

  1. Don’t fret – it appears that your subscription is already paid for through January 2009 (can see in the first picture on the request for payment). I get free magazines all the time and they always send out a “bill” (request) for you to extend your subscription another year – which I never do since I get them all free. Your best bet is to log onto the website for the magazine and see if it says that your account is paid in full. If so, then either someone signed you up for a free subscription or it came free with a purchase you made (IE from Amazon).

    Here’s a post with shortcuts to all the magazine’s websites: http://forums.slickdeals.net/showpost.php?p=7304355&postcount=2

    Also, several companies are linked to each other… Wired is from the same company as Lucky magazine and a few others. I used to get a free Lucky subscription and didn’t want it so I transferred it to someone else… it was linked to my Wired subscription and it got transferred also. So if you signed up for Lucky or another in the partnership then maybe you got Wired as a bonus at n/c. Does that make any sense?

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