Make some memories

This is a guest post from Paul Merrill.

Photo by Paul Merrill of Shiny Bits of LifeSaturday.

For those of us who work Monday through Friday, Saturday is a precious day. It’s the only day we can knock a few things off that everlasting to-do list.

So a few weeks ago, my son asked me to spend a Saturday with him at the Buffalo Bill Longboard Race. I thought of that to-do list. And then I said yes to my son.

We had a great time. I promise that both of us will remember that Saturday far longer than we would have remembered what we may have accomplished instead.

My dad did the same thing for me, several times. We loaded up the old VW van and headed off for college. The four-hour journey gave us plenty of time to share stories and even get a little deeper than normal life would have allowed. We stopped at an old oil derrick that I climbed. (What an awesome view!)

And I treasure that memory.

Think of ways you can make a longer-lasting choice. And do it.

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