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News Flash: Man Slaughters Women, Mom to Blame

Straight up I can tell you the difference between men and women is epitomized in George Sodini, the American Media’s latest sweetheart.

Here’s an attractive yet anti-social dude with some problems with women who used social media to record his issues, instead of getting the shrink he needed.

This guy, who barely communicated to anyone at work, much less to potential single women, had the notion that because he was buff and attractive, he DESERVED hot young women in the sack.

This, apparently, has something to do with his Mother, who was controlling, and according to implications in his blog, and now the media, made him the psycho killer he turned out to be.

Screw you, George Sodini. Pardon my French, but I am pretty sure your mother was not there pumping bullets into the women at the Fitness class. It was just you and no one else. Sure your Mum might have been a bit Bossy, but at least she didn’t kill innocent people.

Hey American public, we ALL need to quit blaming women for everything. It isn’t Mum’s fault if you are screwed up. Guys, it isn’t your wife’s fault if your sex life is lame and you are fat and balding. Ladies, it isn’t other’s women’s fault that they are prettier/skinnier/smarter than you. And everyone, it isn’t skinny-hot women’s fault if you feel rejected (for whatever reason). What you feel is YOUR responsibillity and no one else’s.

Now, I am the first person to say that having a messed-up parental experience can definitely make the road to normal adulthood challenging. However, we all grow up and become ourselves. No one else is forcing us into who we are. So you get to choose — be a  functional human being who takes responsibility, or a whack job like Sodini, who randomly takes the lives of women, all because his Mum wasn’t nice to him.

Advice for Mom-Blamers

So here’s a hint to any of you out there that aren’t “getting” what they want– stop blaming everyone else. Guys, if you aren’t getting laid, and women seem to be avoiding you like the plague, something is wrong with you! Don’t listen to those chicks when they say “It’s not you– it’s me.” They are just being nice. It IS you. And trust me– looks and clothes have nothing to do with it.  Have you SEEN Seth Rogan?

Instead, I recommend an extreme mental makeover instead? Get some help. Trust me, there’s no harm in a few weeks (years?) of counseling and some professional feedback.

Maybe you won’t listen, but at least if you don’t, the News Media will have the documents to pore over after you, too, whack a roomful of innocent women doing aerobics.

One thought on “News Flash: Man Slaughters Women, Mom to Blame

  1. AMEN Sister Elizabeth! Women need to stop blaming other women for EVERYTHING and start loving each other for whom they are and can be in their lives. Sure, we’re all a little off, but it’s the degrees of being off that make us the group we are.

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