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My Amazing Husband: The Hole in the House

Happy Thanksgiving. Colin and I are away for a few days (guard cat Betty is home and in charge!), but I wanted to make sure I said my Thanks here for Colin, who is, by all accounts, amazing.

I won’t bore you with a laundry list, I’ll just provide one or two examples, in images. Look at this guy!

Cute and able with a chop saw! He cut a hole in the house!
He had to remove the siding, but he had to SAVE it, because he had to put it back on!
Note the progression of light... it is getting darker but he doesn't give up!
Could you do this? I know I couldn't figure it out! There was electrical, and math and shims involved!
A Door is Born! Yeh Colin!
He's also a plumber! I love this guy!

I hope you have enjoyed my photo-Thanksgiving tribute to my wonderful and very able-bodied husband!

3 thoughts on “My Amazing Husband: The Hole in the House

  1. How did the cat get in the drain?!

    I’m so impressed by the hole in the house. How can we get one of those? We can’t wait to come visit you one of these days.

  2. Colin is definitely the dude. Of all the brothers I have, he’s one of them.

    Nice looking door! Mom and Dad are visiting us right now and were telling us about it last night.

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