My Heart Sends Me Flowers – #reverb13 – Day 3

I need to get l**d.
I need another cup of coffee.
I need to walk the dog.
Are my hands in the right place? it really bothers me when I am watching an NFL game and the guys are listening to the National Anthem and have their hands over their clavicle.
Hmmm. I don’t think I am doing this listening right … let’s re-read the prompt… Ok. No I was doing it right, ok, so but what am I hearing?
(Deep breath)

Try again…

“Heart: what do you need?”

(Dog snores).

My feet are cold. I need to turn the heat up.
I never noticed that my ears were ringing like that. Wow. I probably shouldn’t have listened to “The Phantom of the Opera” on my Walkman so loud and so many times back in high school.
The heat kicked on. Finally.
I don’t think should drink anymore coffee. I need to go the bathroom.
Boy oh boy my desk is a mess.

Short Beach Stratford CT Hipstamatic filter by E. Howard
OK, I am an utter failure at forced heart-listening. It turns out, all I could hear was the incessant chatter from my ever-rambling mind.

But that’s what I do. I ramble through the day, looking at that pile of laundry and that stack of papers and those assorted children, and I move things around while tabulating in my mind the 10-hundred other items that need attention.

Heart, what do you need?

Who knows? Probably a long walk on a beach holding hands.

But more than likely I’d get onto the beach with my heart and we’d go a ways walking when I’d start to feel anxious, like I was forgetting something or missing something or like I was letting someone down.

A few steps on the beach. Admire admire admire water horizon birds clouds. Snap a photo for posterity. Good to go.

My heart wakes me up at 3:34 a.m. when it wants to talk to me. It sends me down to the sofa and only occasionally lets me tumble back into pre-alarm nap.

My heart sends me flowers by way of interrupting my daily rambles and saying: Hey, let’s make a fire and lay on the rug and play Uno Attack! with the kids.

My heart is quite happy to sidle up and add the filling to the pie, after my mind has organized the grocery list, done the shopping, measured the flour, scooped the baking soda, cut the dough, rolled it flat, pressed it into the pan, and preheated the oven.

My heart is happy– happy to let my mind go out on her wild meanderings, and happy to wrap all the parts and bits up altogether, to watch the conveyor belt of day, and listen and nod to say yes yes yes.

Today’s Prompt: Listen to Your Heart: What does your heart have to tell you?

Thanks to Kat McNally for giving it.

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