On Tagline, Angst and All you People

Sue Wired with Extra Angst- Courtesy The GuardianIn the off chance that one of the three people who reads this blog notices, the answer is yes:

I changed the tagline.

The new tagline is: Culture. Angst. Love.

Why did I change it? Because I am always wondering: Is this blog about me? Or something else? Even after all these years, I was not sure.

Really it’s a unique space where I put things I don’t mind sharing publicly. Things which aren’t journalism, and things which aren’t poetry (I have to stop publishing those on my site anyway, as once I do that, I can’t submit them elsewhere!), and things which just sort of spew from my head. (It’s a limited audience appeal).

So I thought about having this be a blog where I “re-posted” other beautiful writers… but although it felt “altruistic,”  it also felt out of bounds, and not that great to me.

I wanted a private space for my own writing. I guess so that I could protect my voice and make clear that what I was sharing –especially if it wasn’t super “mainstreamy” — was my own. I didn’t want to confuse the three of you.

The New Stuff.

So, today I was thinking about it: what do I write about here? Every blog should have a niche, right?

Well, I finally boiled it down to the extremely super-niche: Culture. And angst. And love. As in:

Culture: On all that stuff “out there” that is constantly poking at me… and you. Tell me what is good and right and pretty. You know. Who am I “supposed to be?”

Angst: On my constant realization that culture is a facade, and that I can do with the external world just what I want to… buuuuuut… sadly, there are all these other people.

Love: Happily, however, there are all these other people.

So, I hope that sums it up for you. I’ll even be re-organizing my categories to ensure that my posts fall into one of these “subheads.”

Enjoy. Rethink. Re-comment, all you three!

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