An Ode to Sally, on her 50th

Sally Head and MeWho is Sally thinking about today?
Her daughters. Her friends. Faith. Her mom.
Dan, of course.
On any given Friday, Sally jumps to the beat of love.
Sally moves to move you, drives to inspire you.
A Monday morning dawns and she
Breaks out of the blocks, running down
The day’s, the week’s, the season’s
Checklists. Filling the candy jar.
Filling the dog’s bowl, filling the
Lunchboxes, the motivational playlists–
Sally fills up life
With energy, with spirit
With groove, with
Tacit sweetness. Sally
Who first thinks about
Dan, of course, and
The girls,
Her family
And friends
Before herself — as if they
Are extensions of herself —
Her life force  turning such thoughts 
Into pure love.

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