Straight Outta Downton

Remember Anne Hathaway?
A few years back she
Hosted the Oscars.
A guy who shall remain
Nameless was also there but
Was he really? Because
She danced, sang and
Joked circles around him.
I’ll never be Anne Hathaway
(Or Rebel Wilson, for that
Matter) but I do remember
The fine figure she cut that
Evening in her tailored
Tuxedo. Menswear looks
Just fine on men — often
Very fine
But put it on kd lang or
Beyonce or Gaga
And you have your answer
To Life, the Universe and
So, in the spirit of
Dolphins exiting and
Power towels and
Women playing
Supporting roles
I will step out into the
Spotlight tonight in
A starched bright white
Shirt with French cuffs,
Borrowed white gold
Cufflinks embedded with
Topaz, a tightly fitted
Shirtwaist, cigarette pants
And cravat knotted smartly
By a hired valet
Straight outta Downton.
The hat’s straw brim,
(Dyed in matching ink black)
Will shadow me to the
Limelight until I’m
Ready to be seen.

Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge from Poet Jen Harris and Writing Workshop Kansas City

Prompt: What are you wearing for your ONE-PERSON SHOW opening tonight on Broadway?