The Bluest Water

Colin and I like to travel a lot. When we were overseas, you could find us in a foreign country on any given weekend.

Punta Cana beaches

Our latest adventure, to the Dominican Republic, was thanks to my brother-in-law Jay and my sister Mary. This was their trip, and they asked us to come along.

Mary and I have traveled together a few times in our grown-up past and it has often become heated or noisy (even teary, on my end). Still, for some reason, she endures my company: last year on the Disney cruise with the kids, this year on our adults-only, relaxation-plus trip to the beach.

Even though my life isn’t exactly perfect right now, I have always said I was a fortunate person. This is because of two things: 1) I have people who love me, and 2) I am surrounded, despite our carbon blunders, with the loveliest earth. Both of these things hold me up. How could I ask for more?

When we were in the DR and Colin, Jay and Mary were hanging at the swim-up bar, I went off in the pool and floated on my back. It was the time of the day when the moon– half full– was visible directly overhead. I floated on the warm pool water and just watched the moon, or let it watch me. I let the water hold me and let the moon be responsible for everything, just for the moment.

The ocean water may not really be blue, but I think God doesn’t mind if we think so.