The Company of Songbirds

Something in the new birdseed has songbirds clamoring at the brass cage around my feeder.

Wild songbirds– sparrows, chickadees, blackbirds, nuthatches, purple finches, tufted titmice, cardinals– they have come to visit me at my back window.

When my family was here these past weeks, it made me tired. Feet on the floors above, the water running always, voices piling discordantly on top of one other. It made me long for quiet. I’d steal away to the front stoop or my room for two minutes of privacy, time well spent with the buzzing in my head.

Then, they’d find me and I’d have to act again as if I minded, just a little bit.

“Give them old flim flam flumox
Fool and fracture ’em
How can they hear the truth above the roar?
Throw ’em a fake and a finagle
They’ll never know your just a bagel
Razzle dazzle ’em
And they’ll beg you for more!”*

Their wings flapping, arguing over perch space, chattering away, the songbirds are lovely– and always welcome at my window.

*from Chicago – Lyrics by: Fred Ebb