The Facebook Thing

Courtesy Design Your Eyes. Thanks!At the end of Lent, I was over on Facebook, and my friend, Tammy, popped up on my Timeline and said in her status something like:

Well, I’m back! Didja miss me?? I did it! A whole 40 days without Facebook! 

Then she posted a really great list of all the things she “got done” in that time when she wasn’t Facebooking.

A lot of things went through my head at that moment. Here they are:

1. I miss Tammy. Boy I would really like to spend some time with her in person having a conversation.

2. I didn’t miss her on Facebook. I mean, I didn’t notice she was gone. Hmmm… why is that?

3. Wow. She got a LOT of shtuff done! She painted a whole ROOM? Hey, didn’t she just have cancer?

4. I have a room I need to paint.

5. I need to update my status. And see what those notifications are. And check my pokes. And update my status. And update my status on my other page. And update my profile pic. And oops. I have to poke someone again. Sigh.

6. Why didn’t I miss her again?

7. Crap. It’s time to pick up the kids.

I guess I might not be stating the obvious when I say: I need a break from Facebook. I spend WAY too much time just trolling around there during the day. Don’t get me wrong: I love alot of what I have gotten out of Facebook, most especially getting back in touch with old friends.

I just need a break for awhile.

I’d really like to write some letters. Would you like to exchange a letter? Or would you like a postcard from me? I just bought a whole bunch of stamps, and that’s what I am feeling right now. If so, email me. Or I have a contact form here, if you don’t have my email address.

And it is true… I didn’t “miss” Tammy on Facebook while she was gone during Lent. That’s the nature of Facebook.  I didn’t see the original post when she said she was going to deactivate.  Then she deactivated and —poof! — no Tammy for 40 days. Time passed and got filled up with the everyday.

So even though my friend was missing from my timeline, I didn’t notice!

Oh well. Fortunately, Tammy is not the sort of friend to be insulted by this… the opposite in fact! That’s why we have stayed friends, even as time and distance have taken us away from each other. That kind of friendship can’t be undone by leaving Facebook, fortunately.

Will I be back? Most likely, but who knows? My plan is to break for the month of May while I am doing some writing for an e-course I am taking. We’ll see where it goes from there.

See you around.