Letters from Home

The Internet Sent Me

Yes, Karin, I do have 972 blogs.

The Internet called me recently and asked if I’d start a blog of haikus for IT guys. I figured, why not? I’m not that busy.

Phew… the Internet is a demanding master. When we meetup each day, it’s always asking me to look over here, click this link, read this status. “Tweet, dammit!” it scolds, but my voice is getting scratchy from all the messaging I am doing here, there, and everywhere.

But, every once in a while, it reminds me why I visit this virtual world. Half friendships, confidence-pumping of comments, instant access to everyone who can’t figure out (like the rest of us) how to hide from Google. Or just don’t bother.

Being “linkedin” like this sort of reminds me of the Na’avi. They plug into their universe with their tail, and commune.

We’re here, connecting to each others’ inanities via the waters of free wi-fi, flowing around us.

Haiku for IT Guys:

Cubeviews distract code,
Testing souls longing for sun.
Java ain’t coffee.