The Night Before Scintilla

The Scintilla Project

I admit it: when it comes to Twitter writing projects, I am such a sucker.

Well, that assumes of course that getting myself tangled up with an online community of like-minded thinkers and writers (99 percent of whom I have never met!) makes me a sucker. Yes, please. I’ll take another lick of that.

So yes, I am partaking in my third-in-a-row online writing project January I did some Mindful Writing with Satyavani (Fiona Robyn) and the WOWH community. That spurred a month of short poems in the form of small stones.

February was National Letter Writing Month, led by author Mary Robinette Kowal. I loved writing daily letters so much that I can’t stop! It’s apparently addictive.

This month (well, fortnight) I am Scintilla-ating (and you can too!), with quite of few of the tweeps I have met along the way. The Scintilla Project is simply the chance to write your stories on your blog based on prompts given. A great way to enjoy the twitter community, freshen up the head space, and heave-ho us writers out of this dismal winter and into spring.

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Of course, then there is APRIL, which happens to be National Poetry Month… hmmm. I wonder what I will be doing then??