Letters from Home

Warrington Days

The Warrington Hotel, in the old days before RamseyIt’s been three months since Gordon Ramsay Holdings took over the Warrington Hotel and everyone still seems to be on pins and needles about the changeover.

Last night was packed to the gills with regulars, neighbors and new friends, everyone trying to catch hold of a piece of what they fear might be lost as restorations/renovations go ahead in the next few weeks.

They ask me questions about the future, variations on the same theme of “What is going to happen?” but I know what they are really asking: “Elizabeth, please tell us it isn’t all going to be gone, won’t you?”

Anyway, I smile and tell them about the dates (they keep changing) and the plans for the decor (they keep changing) and try to soothe them with any information that will help. But none really does. ‘Cuz we all know the Warrington won’t be our Pretty Woman, that same old high-class call girl of a boozer we have all been frequenting for a many odd decades.

After all, Eliza Doolittle was not the same cussing flower seller after Henry Higgins did her in. Probably Holly Golightly had to change too.

Holly Golightly: Ahh… Do I detect a look of disapproval in your eye?
[spays perfume in Paul’s direction]
Holly Golightly: Tough beans buddy, ’cause that’s the way it’s gonna be.

Estimated Warrington-Ramsey makeover end date: end of March.