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We want… Little Girls

The following blog post is part of the BIG QUESTION series for September, asking “What does America want?”

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This can't be her body.
This can't be her body.
"I want to suck your blood.... but that tooth is loose."
I am sure there is nothing implied here with this perfectly innocent French maid's costume.
Photographer said: "Pretend you are thinking about your next spelling test" right?
Photographer said: "Pretend you are thinking about your next spelling test" right?

Halloween is now a night for girls gone wild!

But this is old news. Even mainstream media has been squawking about the sorry state of costumes for girls (not to mention women!) since at least since 2007.

Drama Queen Major Flirt

Still, nothing has changed. In fact, we are getting even sluttier!

Four years on, and not even the exact costume mentioned in Newsweek — “Drama Queen Major Flirt” (pictured above) —  has been changed to make it less offensive. Or less packed with innuendo. Here’s the description…

“Make any soldier with an attitude drop and give you twenty when you suit up as Major Flirt, the highest-ranking Drama Queen in the army! This classic girls costume comes with military green dress, vinyl studded belt, Major General’s hat and matching glovettes–all you’ll need to get them to stand at A-tten-tion!”

I am not exactly sure what makes a military officer cross over into Drama Queen status.  That doesn’t even make sense. Oh, and are vinyl studded belts standard issue in the Army now??

Gee, couldn’t the good designers at Spirit at least give her a belt with  real grenade and actual gun? So, just in case someone “accidentally” misinterprets her 6-year-old, just-off-the-bus girlish charms with something a bit more consumable, she could protect herself?


Sexing up little girls to make money in Halloween goes beyond the ridiculous. At what point do parents stop buying this crap and just use whatever junk they find in the house and dress their kids up like a hobo or ghost again? Soon I hope.

Homemade isn’t easy! I know… I, too, cringe at the idea of hot glueing my child into something he/she might be ridiculed for.

But don’t you think it has to be done? Because if we decide to settle for something quick and easy, (seriously, pun intended) then what you get is a whole world of “Sweet Lil’ Treat.”

Mmmm. Yummy.

Now on sale for $25 at Target. She’s a sweet lil’ bargain.


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7 thoughts on “We want… Little Girls

  1. It goes beyond Halloween, and I blame Disney. It’s an entire company dedicated to turning prepubescent girls into call girls by the time they turn 17.

    It makes them billions of dollars, and they won’t stop until parents stop allowing them to be successful.

  2. We mostly see princesses and cheerleaders. We have over 100 kids each year at our door, so that’s a pretty good cross-section of kiddos. No one dresses as presidents or baseball players anymore.

  3. Even if some girls are not choosing to wear them, they exist and they are the primary choice (along with as Mary noted, the slutty normal clothes) for girls. That makes them part of the conversation, something for girls and their parents to navigate.

    A mom was at Abercrombie & Fitch buying FOR her 11-12 year thong underwear. WHY?

  4. Its what people buy…the clothes in the stores aren’t much better. The AVERAGE age for a girl losing virginity is 12-13. Daterape is rampant. Connection?

  5. I have a 9 year old daughter and have felt the same way you do, for as long as I can remember. We usually just take a boring doctor costume and turn it into Dr. Death or something scary. Luckily my daughter is not interested in any of those ridiculous costumes. As my daughter is getting older, I am also noticing that the normal clothing for girls of that age is also just as slutty as the halloween costumes you mentioned. We struggle to find what we believe is age appropriate clothing, just for her to wear to school.

  6. Maybe it’s because I’m in Kansas City, but thankfully, I don’t see little girls wearing those kinds of costumes. (They’re mostly non-slutty princesses, which is a whole other discussion.) As for the women’s costumes, it fascinates me that (apparently) so many women want one day of the year to go all out and wear something so racy they wouldn’t wear it any other time–without fear of judgment. I guess that, as with so many other things, girls are now learning that lesson a little earlier than they used to.

  7. Ranting is no fun, but every Halloween I want to RANT about girl’s costumes. It is absolutely and totally disgusting. How oh how do you raise a girl who knows what is important about her with all these absolutely heinous messages coming her way. UGH!

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