What Are My Super Powers?

It’s a question I ask myself everyday, really.

I wanna know what my superpowers are!

Mind Melding? No thanks! Too much going on up there as it is.

Invisibility? Could I deflect that power onto others at times?

Levitation would be super-cool though I am not sure how useful. What does one do once you get the people up there? Can you also tickle them from a distance?

Firestarter? I could see where this might work as a niche business plan. Maybe. In Canada.

FLYING! This could be fun. But wait. Is there a weight limit? How many kids can I take with me? I can hear the arguments already….

Super Strength sounds nice. Though I am not sure how practical the ability to pick up a cement mixer is. I can already carry 9 grocery bags at once.

Sonic Scream? Check.

I guess I’ll keep thinking on it.

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