Letters from Home

What Are You Looking For Here?

What people think when they read this, if they read this, if they are not me, has no relevance.

This is not written to tell a story about who I am. It is written to tell a story about the possibilities of humanity, and how people filter existence, from moment to moment. We all write our own fictions… only some of us are able to recognize when we are navigating by them.

So, hi. You are welcome here. I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t welcome you.

If you come by to judge me, to get to know me, based on what I’ve written, you’ve made a mistake. There isn’t anything here for you.

Come here looking for the beauty in the world, instead of the excuses. Come to find how you can learn from broken shards of glass, spilled milk, and cold twilights, instead of placing blame. Come here when you are ready to try a bit harder to find kindness, for yourself and for others.

Repetition is the cant of learning: Life is short. No one is going to change you but you.

Wait if you want to, but all you may have then is an quiet room, empty chairs, and that old stack of magazines.

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