What did you like best about 2012?

Hey, before we kick 2012 to the curb and rush headlong into our resolutions, I’m just wondering:

What did you like BEST about 2012?

You can reply in the comments, or on Facebook. But I’d really like you to write out a response.

Why? Because when we write things down, it makes them more true, more solid. It transfers the thought from the ether and into a more purposeful reality.

So write it, because what you liked could really affect how you think (and act) in 2013.

So, what did I like best about 2012?

I really enjoyed my summer with the kids. I was flat-out terrified about spending all-that-time with the kids (this was the first summer “alone” with them and no nannies). But we had so much fun, I was practically morose when the summer ended.  I’m feeling the same as Christmas break comes to an end.

So, what about you? What did you like best in 2012?

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